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Theater Reservation Form
Fill in, print & deliver to Front Desk
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Rules for use of the Theater:

  • First time usage must be coordinated with the Facility Director.  At that time, the Director will instruct you on the proper steps for utilizing the equipment.

  • Unit owner is responsible for any and all damages or missing items which occur during reservation time period.  Unit Owner will be present for pre- and post- inspection of the equipment to ensure no damages are present.

  • Unit owner is responsible for cleaning the room prior to leaving so as to make it ready for the next owner's use.

  • No minor is permitted to use or operate the equipment.

  • This form must be completed, signed and submitted to the Facility Director or Concierge prior to theater usage.

Signed: ______________________________________________________          Date: 

Confirmed date of reservation:  ________________________

Confirmed time of reservation:  ________________________